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rlindsey 03-25-11 09:56 PM

A couple of simple warlock macros
Here are a couple of simple warlock macros that I made to save action bar space,

The first one is called MageZap and I use it on all spellcasters

/yell Mage Zap!
/castsequence reset=3 Curse of Tongues, Bane of Doom, Corruption

The second one is called MeleeZap and is used on all those non-magic throwing critters

/yell Melee Zap!
/castsequence reset=3 Curse of Weakness, Bane of Doom, Corruption

As you can see the only real difference is in the first spell chosen, MageZap throws Curse of Tongues to delay the target's spell throwing speed and MeleeZap throws Curse of Weakness to reduce melee damage. I purposely placed those spell first in the sequence so that if you accidently pressed MagicZap and wanted MeleeZap instead you could just continue through the sequence then hit the other one just once to set everything right.

Finally the yell statement in each macro is purely for my own ausement mainly it can, of course, be left out of the macro.

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