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davevl 09-11-12 02:13 AM

target a mob it goes inlarge
Hi Scott Piel

Use nui verry long now and really like it so keep on doing this and hope that nui6 om mop is great.
But now i have a question like 3 or 4 days wenn i target a mop or boss it goes inlarge and i know not why first i thought well can be a key that i hit but nothing in the interface will do that.
turnt all addons off and one by one on again and it is nui.
please help no id but think it is something i did.
gr d

spiel2001 09-11-12 04:23 AM

This is due to a Blizz bug in the player model frames... they will have it fixed in the 5.0.5 patch.

davevl 09-11-12 04:59 AM

thx for the info just have to wait then

Seer 09-11-12 08:14 AM

Tsk Spiel.. You forgot to tell him he could use

/nui anim

to disable the 3d model. Should work right.? Or did I miss something in this post?

Daveo77 09-11-12 11:16 AM

/nui anim

does indeed disable the 3D animated portrait and switches back to 2D portrait.

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