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kneeki 09-24-10 10:20 PM

Disable the minimap clock with CVar
SetCVar("showClock", 0) is returning an error saying that "showClock" doesn't exist. Any ideas what the new one is for Cata?

Haleth 09-25-10 02:49 AM

In the latest build, the option was taken out.

For now, this will work:





## OptionalDeps: Blizzard_TimeManager

v6o 09-25-10 04:09 AM

Does the interface option still exist?

Haleth 09-25-10 04:36 AM

As I said before, it's actually gone. It might be back in a future build.

They've taken out stuff before though, by accident. I still can't find for the life of me where they put "Preview talent changes".

kneeki 09-25-10 09:53 AM

Hm, is there a way to check if the CVar exists? So I can try some sort of if-then statement?

Xubera 09-25-10 01:28 PM

you could open your files nuder your account and under each differnt user... its all the CVars in text format... But it only shows those that are active, so if it doesnt have a CVar, it wont show

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