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GenkoKitsu 03-29-10 03:15 PM

Carbonite Resets after game crash/DC
Pretty much what the title says, each time WoW crashes or DCes Carbonite resets back to factory. No other addon does this. It wouldn't be so bad if carbonite didn't ship with so much crap enabled by default (travel trails... why? ever? I don't use that one my RL GPS...)

I've had to disable carbonite due to this as the login animations and server queries will DC me when my connection is poor, which sadly it often is.

Koviko 03-29-10 03:48 PM

I had everything reset once. It was odd. But, it only happened once.

To recover from it, you have to know what settings you changed, and then set them back to what you had. Then, import your collection nodes in Options > Guide. Finally, in your quest log, go to the History tab, right click somewhere in the quest list, and click "Get Completed From Server."

Whenever WoW crashes (which is does often since 3.3.3), you should always use the "Get Completed From Server" option if you've done quests since the last time you opened WoW.

Also, a good strategy to avoid these kinds of problems is to exit WoW normally before trying something that may crash it (i.e. hearthing to Dalaran). This causes all of the Lua addons to save their data to the hard disk, preventing you from losing your settings.

GenkoKitsu 03-30-10 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by kovik (Post 183293)
...Then, import your collection nodes in Options > Guide...

Carbonite has a gatherer mode?

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