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Sinakul 06-25-10 10:03 PM

nUI: InfoPanel [Grid]
Can someone please update this??? No raid/party frames are visible if this is installed since 3.3.5. :(

thanks muchly

sully3592 08-07-10 04:53 PM

anyone know if there is a fix for this with

Brillynt 08-16-10 09:15 AM

An update was put out on the 14th. Please see if this resolved the problem.

moonside 10-15-10 11:37 AM

For 4.0.1

Newest version of Grid (Grid 1.40000.1370) is fully working with indicators.
The integration into NuI is broken however.

You can postition it manually in the lower right corner of the screen where it belongs but it will not toggle with the integration button.

Thank you,

moonside 10-15-10 11:41 AM

Well...I guess I should have looked before posting.

Updated version is available and it works well.

Thank you,

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