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kurtdh 08-22-10 08:16 PM

Map bugging out on me
So I have the "maximize carbonite map instead of opening normal map" option checked.

Problem is, when I enter the Isle of Conquest battlegrounds. Most of the time when I hit "M" while I'm in the battlegrounds, no map will show up at all. It will just show a default WoW graphic of the continents.

Then sometimes, a map of the battlegrounds will show, but my character on the map will not move around the map when I move my character. And, in addition, the nodes (such as docks, workshop, etc.) do not show up on the map either, so you can't see if they are being captured by horde or alliance.

This has caused me much frustration, because every time I enter the Isle of Conquest battlegrounds, I have to go into carbonite options and turn off the map so I can use the default map.

Can someone tell me please how to fix this? I'm using the latest version of Carbonite. I also uninstalled the addon and re-installed it and it's still giving me the same problems.

Chmee 08-23-10 10:10 AM

I suspect this is a Blizzard problem, rather than a Carbonite problem. It seems like the game doesn't know where in Azeroth the BG is.

That "default wow graphic" is the map, zoomed out so that you see all three (currently known) continents. You should be able to click on one of the continents and zoom in.

kurtdh 08-23-10 05:21 PM

Can I get some help with this?

This is an example of what my map sometimes looks like in isle of conquest. I open it up, none of the nodes are showing (workshop, docks, etc.), and the arrow (which is me), does not move on my map when I move. Here is a screenshot:

kurtdh 08-23-10 05:21 PM

Whoops, double posted. Still need help.

kurtdh 08-27-10 02:44 PM

Is there anybody out there providing support/help with this addon? I need help, thanks.

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