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syncrow 02-20-18 04:40 PM

The other day I had a small idea, inspired by Monster Hunter World.

This 'QuickBar' is an independent action bar which works with only 3 hotkeys:
  • button hotkey for the active action button
  • 2x scroll hotkeys for directional scrolling (infinite scroll in both directions)



aallkkaa 02-20-18 04:54 PM

Nice! Looks like an horizontal OPie via keypresses! And I do mean that as a compliment!
I would have used that a couple years ago, when I stopped using OPie because I couldn't get it to work as I wanted it - this would have been awesome back then!
I've considerably changed my playing style since, but I still find this interesting. Are you publishing it as an addon?

syncrow 02-20-18 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by aallkkaa (Post 327005)
Are you publishing it as an addon?

Time will tell. It's currently in beta state and will be tested the next days by some friends, still playing.

I have to take a look at various/different console games, which are having such bars.

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