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oliviadgrace 08-21-12 06:46 AM

Addons ready for 5.0.4!
Hi everyone :) My name's Olivia, I write the addon columns for WoW Insider (

I'm trying to put together a list of addons ready for 5.0.4, and yes, I'm totally going to use everything from the WoW Interface list, but I wondered if people whose addons aren't up there could email me their addon, a brief description of what it does, and their preferred download link to [email protected]?

I'll be posting all the addons and links up on WoW Insider on Thursday, and can add more later, so please do email me as soon as you can if you want yours on the list!

Thanks guys <3


Rilgamon 08-21-12 12:20 PM

Not sure ... but do you really want to list them all ? ;)

Coote 08-21-12 02:34 PM


Originally Posted by Rilgamon (Post 260044)
Not sure ... but do you really want to list them all ? ;)

Took a quick look, and a large amount are UI compilations, so the addon list itself would probably be half that. Still, definitely a large chunk to list.

Fizzlemizz 08-21-12 02:53 PM

Remember also that many of these will be moving back the page where their 4.x version is hosted once 5.04 goes live.

10leej 08-27-12 10:36 AM

BobBars is 5.0.4 ready as soon as the latest update clears (sad part is I got another update ready, lmao), only modded through .lua though.

Kagaro 08-28-12 01:46 AM

kgPanels, Gathermate2, Reflux and their supporting libs have all been updated for 5.x wow

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