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askyn 04-14-10 10:06 PM

Loot roll window - item tool tip
Hey /wave

Im having a issue with the loot roll window were it wont display a tool tip for the item to be rolled on.

if there are multiple, its usually the first one I have problems with, altho ive seen it when 4 items were being rolled on also.

If I move my cursor over around the icon of the item, I can get a "flash" of the description most of the time. But it wont stay up.

Using nUI_5.06.12_Release, and only other add ons i have are omen, recount ( with the nui addon to display them side by side ), group calendar and the gloss black skin for nUI.

thank you.

Xrystal 04-14-10 11:31 PM

Its a recurring problem that is hard to determine the cause. Probably related to tooltip control whereby it is trying to display the info on the dead body as well as the info on the item.

Solution for now ? Turn the screen around so that the body isn't behind the loot window and you should be fine.

Equelibrium 04-15-10 07:40 AM

I'm using TipTac to enhance my tooltip, and I do not have this issue. Might be worth a try.

Deimous 04-16-10 02:17 PM

I just downloaded and tested TipTac... Admittedly, it's better, but still has the same overlying issue. If a corpse/npc/player is behind the mouse, it'll still go away very easily. Though, I wonder if it's just for tooltips that are connected to where the mouse is... I'll test out other locations. I have mine set to "Owner" right now. Next boss, I'll see how "Default" works.

spiel2001 04-16-10 02:48 PM

I recommend using '/nui tooltips owner' any time you're using another tooltip mod.

Deimous 04-21-10 01:25 PM

yeah, I tried the other methods for tooltip positioning, both with and without those tooltip addons, and it still caused these issues.

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