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Yagle 07-02-10 03:59 PM

Nui Dual Stats
I want to start off by saying, Scott, your hard work and commitment to Nui is amazing. This has been my favorite UI for the past year +. Last week I had to turn it off due to the chat issues that Blizzard implemented last patch, but now that raiding is over, I reloaded the mod. Everything looks good, except for an issue with Dual Stats.

On my alts, Dual Stats seems to work fine with both Omen 3 and Recount on one panel, but my main, Paladin, I'm getting something different.

First, the stats panel has omen shrunk in size on the left most size of the panel as if Dual Stats was working fine, but there is no recount in the stats panel. There is, however, a Recount panel; on that panel, Recount is shrunk in size to fit only half the panel and is on the furthest right of the panel as if dual stats was working correctly. Also Recount is the same length as the panel so it extends off the edge of the screen. When I move it so it fills the entire recount panel and switch to the Stats panel to view omen and then switch back to the Recount panel, Recount reverts back to the Dual stats shrunk size on the furthest right side of the panel.

This only occurs on my Paladin, so I was wondering if there is another addon that's making this happen. I turned off all my addons, and slowly started turning on each of the Nui addons. With just Nui, Omen, Recount, and Dual Stats, everything is fine, but when I turned on the Nui: Pally Power with Pally power, Recount and Omen went back to their different panels. It seems to be the Nui Pally power that is causing this issue.

Again, Scott, you're doing a great job. Keep it up, man.

spiel2001 07-02-10 04:26 PM

If you disable all mods except nUI, nUI_InfoPanel_DualStats, Recount and Omen, does it work correctly on that toon?

Yagle 07-02-10 04:35 PM


Only when I turn on Pally Power and Nui: Pally Power does the issue occur.

spiel2001 07-02-10 04:44 PM

Okay... that implies to me that Pally Power is breaking the info panels. There was a change made to when and how nUI updates the info panels during startup. You need to edit the PallyPower info panel and look for the "VARIABLES_LOADED" event in the code (it will be in two places) and replace that with "ADDON_LOADED"

Xrystal 07-02-10 04:49 PM

Hmm, strange. I updated PallyPower InfoPanel addon this week and Im sure I uploaded it already with the new changes. Someone has even reported it as doing more than what they needed rofl :D

oh wow .. you're right .. either I reverted the old fix or I forgot to change it .. will do so promptly.

Edit: Okay, made the change and reverted the previously mentioned request change :D Should be available shortly. My apologies.

Yagle 07-02-10 05:28 PM

I deleted the old Nui: Pally Power and downloaded the newest one updated as if the last hour. It seems to still break Dual Stats. So I turned off the Nui: Pally Power and everything is good; well, except for the fact Pally Power is not in a panel, but I think I can raid with that next week. I'll just place pally power somewhere on my UI.;)

On a side note, I realized that even with Nui: Pally Power off and Dual stats on, I'm still getting a blank "Recount" panel. On the stats panel, both Omen and Recount are looking fine. I'm just unsure how to get rid of this empty "recount" panel.

Xrystal 07-02-10 05:41 PM

type /recount show. Sounds like it might have been toggled off somehow.

And strange about that pally power problem. I'll run a few more tests with it just in case it is an intermittent problem.

Yagle 07-02-10 11:05 PM

It also seems that with Dual Stats on, I have to reset/resize the recount window if I phase in and out of raids/dungeons.

I'm thinking there is another mod messing with Dual stats or something.

I run:

Atlas loot
Atlas Loot enhanced
_NPC Scan
Bigwigs (yeah I'm a belt and suspenders kind of guy)
MikScrolling Combat

and my pally runs with CLCret

Xrystal 07-02-10 11:47 PM

Well, out of that list I run the following :

Atlas loot
Atlas Loot enhanced
_NPC Scan
-- Never used this at all so have no clue what this could be apart from an elite mob finder
Bigwigs (yeah I'm a belt and suspenders kind of guy)
-- DBM has been enough for me
-- I used to use Auctionator but switched to a new one but not tried it yet
MikScrolling Combat

Yagle 07-03-10 12:16 AM

So what do you suggest to get Dual Stats to work "out of box" and the Pally Power add on to work "out of box".

These aren't game breaking to the mod, but its sort of frustrating to have Pally Power sitting outside of the panels and having to reset recount after every raid/phase enter or exit?

spiel2001 07-03-10 05:56 AM

I've added this to my bug list and will see if I can sort it out when I am working on nUI5 bugs this weekend.

I'm curious, if you disable the DualStats plugin and go with only the built in Recount support, do you still have issues with the recount window changing when you zone?

Xrystal 07-03-10 09:21 AM

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Hmm, well just tested this on my pally, seems to be working fine. So possibly another addon somewhere breaking it. I'll keep an eye on it in case it is an intermittent bug that you unlucked across.

spiel2001 07-03-10 09:42 AM

FWIW: I've added exception handling to the info panel engine in 5.06.27 so that even when an info panel breaks, the nUI load will complete... it's been long overdue and I wanted to figure out how to do it for nUI6.

Xrystal 07-03-10 10:19 AM

woot :D

Yagle 07-04-10 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by Xrystal (Post 195658)
woot :D

Logged on to my rogue this morning, and I got this little Lua error.

Message: Interface\AddOns\nUI\Bars\nUI_ButtonBar.lua:284: Usage: SaveBindings(1|2)
Time: 07/04/10 12:40:56
Count: 1
Stack: [C]: in function `SaveBindings'
Interface\AddOns\nUI\Bars\nUI_ButtonBar.lua:284: in function <Interface\AddOns\nUI\Bars\nUI_ButtonBar.lua:167>

Locals: (*temporary) = 0

Xrystal 07-04-10 02:24 PM

Yeah I've been getting that on toons I haven't played in a while. I don't use keybindings so that could explain that but then it seems to be like a warning more than an error as it only happens the first time I log into them.

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