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GaspaTree 01-12-12 12:50 AM

Stacking chat windows?
I'm attempting to fix my chat windows but I seem to have some issues.

I have 5 different chats, creating them worked just fine but I'm having issues with stacking 2 newly created chat windows on one another. I want to have the General + Combat Log on the left side of my screen and then I want the other 3 on the right side, stacked on each other just like General & Combat Log is by default. Is this possible? I've tried over and over again but it just won't work. It works fine to stack them on the General tab, but that's somewhat useless as it's of no use for me.

I've tried it without any addons enabled and it didn't work, I tried it with Chatter enabled and it still doesn't work. Any tips?

Phanx 01-12-12 01:06 AM

Only ChatFrame1 supports docking other chat frames to it. You could replicate this functionality by writing an addon that created a fake dock with fake chat tabs that called :Show() and :Hide() on the appropriate chat frames when clicked, but I don't know of any addons that already do this.

GaspaTree 01-12-12 01:08 AM

Aha, and here I was sure I had done it in the past. *snickers* My dreams are getting far too strange. ^^

I'll give it a whirl, thanks. :)

Xrystal 01-20-12 07:36 PM

It might be possible to do it using the FCFDock functions. The FloatingChatFrame.lua file has a bunch of these functions with the following comment above them.


------Docking related functions for the new docking system


Since we've been discussing allowing multiple docks, this code is designed to be mostly-OO. Please try not to use global variables.

(Theoretically, all of these functions may be put in a metatable to allow, e.g., "Dock:SelectWindow(chatWindow)".

To keep with this, please ensure that "dock" is the first argument of every function.)


Unfortunately it looks like some of it is still hard coded for GENERAL but I'm sure with a bit of tweaking it could be possible. It was one thing I was planning on figuring out when I spotted it. I currently have 3 chat specific plugins for nUI and I was planning on working out if those new functions would allow me to create a second dockable chatframe and allow nUI users to dock chatframes to either side of the screen.

I can't promise anything but if I feel in the mood I'll try and dabble with it somewhat over the next couple of weeks when I get a chance. Otherwise, good luck on your project :D

GaspaTree 01-21-12 05:14 AM

Hehe, I actually did look around some myself but with the little knowledge I have about it I didn't manage to actually make something that turned out to be working. I did find something about it having worked roughly a year ago but sadly no matter how much I went about to carry on changing / building on that code I still wasn't able to fix it. :) I guess it's time for me to dive straight into the books and see what I can learn. :) And I'll be sure to keep an eye open to see if you do manage to get it working, as well as post it if I manage to get it working myself. :)

And at Phanx:

Off-topic, I do realize I had posted this thread and then the one in the "AddOn Search/Requests" section, however seeing as this thread was more aimed towards seeing if it was still possible to do this, I thought the right way to approach asking for any further help would be in that section rather than this one. If I was mistaken then I apologize, of course.

sigg 01-26-12 01:37 AM

You can dock all

You can also dock element to the uiparent

The docking system is very advanced
To dock two elements just drag the fisrt anchor point of one window and drop it to the anchor point of the second window


Phanx 01-26-12 02:32 AM

Ugh, do you RDX guys really have nothing better to do than scour the forums in search of threads to spam about your addon? -_-

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