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Whiplash73 01-09-11 12:16 AM

Critter targeting macro help
I'm sure someone may have thought of this, but I'm tryign to put together a macro to target critters for the "Critter Kill Squad" achievement on my hunter.

Does anyone know of a way to target "critters", i..e rats, roaches, sheep, etc. by their class or subgroup, as opposed to listing each npc individually in a /target list?

any help would be appreciated.

Nobgul 01-09-11 12:20 AM

not sure about a macro but

local squishy = UnitCreatureType("target")
if (squishy == "critter") then
-- Whatever should happen here

and you need to register it

Seerah 01-09-11 05:12 PM

Nobgul's script above would require you to target something first, and then if it's a critter it can do something *unprotected*, like print to your chat window or raid warning frame to attack it (not attack it automagically).

Targeting is a protected action, and you can only do it by using /target in a macro or by clicking.

Saiket 01-09-11 06:44 PM

There's no way to target by creature type or anything but name. If you want to target them using a macro, listing each critter's name is the only way.

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