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Waky 02-12-11 07:26 PM

UnitAura() - dispelType to return "Enrage"
I was thinking since if you look at the tooltip of most buffs in the top right it shows "Magic" "Poison" "Disease" "Curse" and "Enrage" but the UnitAura() returns everything but Enrage. I'd like this feature because it'd be great to be able to create an addon that allows Hunters to easily see if there's an enrage they can dispel with Tranquilizing shot without having to create a table of enrage buff names to check with.

yoshimo 11-16-11 07:22 AM

Was also on my list, which i posted in the english ui forum as suggestion.
Along with the second "immunity effect", as you can bubble , vanish, and iceblock out of it, or remove them with hand of protection.

Phanx 11-16-11 09:56 PM

You don't really need to create a hardcoded list of buffs; see oUF_Phanx/Elements/DebuffHighlight.lua for an example of dynamic detection of Enrage effects. It won't work for immunity or other effects, however, since those do not display any special keyword in their tooltip.

unlimit 11-17-11 02:09 AM

Thankfully, though, there are not very many of those.

oomp 11-21-11 06:23 PM

Taken from ShadowedUnitFrames/modules/auras.lua:


-- Blizzard bug, Enrage is an empty string.
cureType = auraType == "" and "Enrage" or auraType

...where auraType is the 5th argument returned by UnitAura. I personally haven't tested if this solution works in all cases, but, if it does, it's a lot better than tooltip scanning.

Ketho 11-22-11 12:52 AM

Just for reference, there is an old thread about this. Maybe it still has some other info

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