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Druzle6570 07-09-13 10:47 PM

How do you unlock buttons to remove spells
I am new to this mod and like the look of it all. But just can't figure out how to remove the spells on the action bars so I can reset the spells on them. Basically have them all blank and have a clean slate to reconfigure the spells on them.

edit: nevermind I just figured it out.

But on a sidenote how long does it take to get to download the nui+ I have done all of the things required, Just waiting to dl it now.

spiel2001 07-10-13 10:33 AM

There are two options...
  1. press escape to bring up the WoW menu, select "interface" then "action bars" and unlock the action bars... then you can drag and drop to your heart's content -- remember to lock it back when you're done so you don't accidentally drag actions off of the bar during combat
  2. press and hold the shift key while you left-click and drag on the action button item you want to move

Druzle6570 07-10-13 12:42 PM

I discovered the shift key function last night, Thanks for the replay and will look at the other way to make it a bit better still.

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