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Rhamses 07-09-09 10:45 AM

Variables and Addon Names
I have been using a mod as a base and changing what it does. I would like to learn more, but this confuses me.

local Demonomicon = Servitas:StyleButton(CreateFrame("Button", "Demonomicon", UIParent, "SecureHandlerClickTemplate"))
Servitas.Demonomicon = Demonomicon

There is an
addon Folder called Demonomicon which contains a file called Demonomicon and a file called Servitas that contains a local variable called Demonomicon.

Is this standard coding or does the original author ( 2+ years ago) fail to follow some conventions?

thanks in advance

Xrystal 07-09-09 10:52 AM

From the sounds of it, it looks like that the author has separated the addon into several modules. Servitas seems to be one module with its related files stored in the Servitas folder and Demonicon stored in another to hold those specific files.

StyleButton is most likely a function in one of the Servitas folders lua files.

Servitas.Demonomicon = Demonomicon is assigning the variable above it to a variable used and stored in the Servitas module. Probably to simplify things in that module.

It all looks fine and normal to me.

Rhamses 07-09-09 12:00 PM

OK, Both Demonomicon and servitas are in the same Demonomicon Folder.

Servitas creates a button. Demonoicon loads it with spells from the spell book.

I had hoped to combine and roll them into another addon, but I can not figure it out at this point. But, I have been able tp duplicate Demonomicon and create a second button. Demonomicon takes the children buttons and wraps them around the original button

so . (one button) goes to * (origninal button surrounded by six new ones.).

I created one that holds pets and another that holds the three drains and health funnel. Not much help for keyboardest, but I am a clicker

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