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illiath 11-05-12 01:32 PM

Minion Source?
I happen to know a bit about java, and even hacked together my own updater at one time.

Due to computer failures and such, mine needs to be rebuilt from scratch as my source code repo dropped dead, I reverse engineered mine to fix some major bugs, but it needs a complete rewrite.

However, I'm willing to take a gander at the MMOUI Minion source code, and see about hacking that so it works with Java 7. I can't spend all that much time on it, but I'd be glad to look at it and see what it needs to become mostly functional with the current Java, and maybe do some bug fixes/what-have-you as time permits?

Just throwing it out there if the site maintainers are interested in letting me have a copy of the to putter with.

Cairenn 11-05-12 01:47 PM

Hi illiath,

Thank you for the offer. Things are in flux a bit at the moment, but depending on how things go we may take you up on your offer in the future. Regardless, the offer is very much appreciated. :)

munificent 11-28-12 03:43 AM

I know this thread seems pretty dead, but I am a huge WoW Interface man over Curse, and the demise of the minion saddens me, as it was awesome. Any news on this?

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