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Voxxel 10-07-14 01:11 PM

Hey there.

I'm just looking for some fresh info if you still try to fix the addon or not since is getting abandoned. Is there a chance still to make it work in wod somehow or are you developing a new version or even any new addon to be able to track IDs on whatever mobs we want to track just like we could in pre-6.0?

Phanx 10-07-14 07:51 PM

This has already been discussed:

There is no way to do what NPCScan did in WOD anymore.

Voxxel 10-07-14 11:23 PM

Does that mean we won't be able to add / track specific common mobs either? Or you talking about vignettes/rares only?

Phanx 10-08-14 01:11 AM

You will not be able to use the cache to detect the appearance/existence of mobs near you, period. It does not matter whether they're rare or not. There will be no automated background scanning for specific mobs once 6.0 hits.

You will still be able to detect when a vignette appears, but those only exist for certain rare mobs from recent expansions. They're also not always reliable.

Other passive "scanning" methods that will still exist include watching the combat log, watching nameplates, and watching what you mouse over, but those are basically useless.

Unless Blizzard adds vignettes for rares from older expansions, the main method you will need to use to hunt for specific mobs in WOD will be the use of a /target macro, just like you used before NPCScan came along.

I don't know if there's any plan for NPCScan, especially since it's author abandoned it some time ago and Torhal really only signed on as a maintainer to keep it going as-is, but I use SilverDragon, which already uses all the methods I mentioned above, and provides a macro/keybinding to run a /target macro tailored for your current location.

Voxxel 10-08-14 02:02 AM

Thank you for the detailed explanation and the addon recommendation. it's really useful!

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