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natassja72 01-17-16 06:19 AM

Map trail addon
Is there an addon that leaves a trail on minimap when player is moving? That would work like this addon? Curse seem to no longer host it and the file from Wowinterface fails to work.

jeffy162 01-17-16 08:10 AM

I don't know if there are any other addons like that, but, the addon Carbonite gives you the option to have a trail follow you on the map. Unfortunately it is a questing addon, not just a minimap addon, with its' own maps. That makes for a large-ish addon. IF you're worried about the size of the addon.

natassja72 01-18-16 09:28 AM

Thanks! I've known Carbonite for years and it indeed would be an overkill ;) But good to know it has this feature in case I'm desperate :)

jeffy162 01-18-16 11:39 AM

That feature is activated by default on initial install, but can be disabled, or enabled, at any time in the options. Carbonite is now modular, so you can install (or not, the decision is yours) as many, or as few, of the modules as you feel are necessary. Just a heads-up: Carbonite uses the GatherMate2 data base for nodes and such now. However, it is changed to work with Carbonite, so you can not just download and install GatherMate2's data base. There is a working Carbonite data base addon however.

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