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CobraA1 08-25-12 04:05 PM

UI issue with Reagent Restocker
Hey all,

I'm preparing Reagent Restocker for the upcoming patch, and recently I've hit a bit of a wall.

In particular, there's a new feature I've been working on which shows up when you visit a vendor. It allows you to add/remove items to the various lists without having to go to the full interface.

Unfortunately, I discovered that it's currently not working in Mists, even though I have it working in the release version of WoW. I fear that means it may become broken when 5.0.4 is released.

It still seems to be detecting the MERCHANT_SHOW event correctly, and the function assigned to it seems to be running when the event is fired. It's just that my frame isn't showing up. Has something about frames changes in the last couple weeks or so? It was working earlier in the beta.

If anybody wants to look at the code itself, I've uploaded an alpha containing the broken code to curseforge. Just look for Reagent Restocker.

CobraA1 08-26-12 04:02 AM

I found it.

UIPanelButtonTemplate2 no longer exists in Mists. I remember them changing that, and I guess I forgot to change that everywhere in my code.

Phanx 08-26-12 06:43 AM

For future debugging efforts, having a decent error catcher running will be a huge help. Trying to inherit from a template that doesn't exist will definitely trigger a Lua error.

If you're creating frames in XML, you can check the World of Warcraft > Logs > FrameXML.log file; it will show you all TOC- and XML-related errors, including attempts to inherit from templates that don't exist, attempts to load files that don't exist, etc.

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