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Ferdy 03-10-14 11:34 AM

Beta 5.4.2 alpha3 Libs Folder
Thanks for the Update(s)
As far as I has tested it seems work fine :)

Have a question :
Looking through the folders I noticed, that the datas in all "libs folders" are very old - over 1 year :o
Do you think about update them too ?

I`m working on EXCEL-maps to localise (deDE) missing items, aereas, zones by means of there IDs. Are you interested in ?

Rythal 03-10-14 01:58 PM

I'm actually working on the localization changes, which will result in a large file of strings that will need changing / translating for each locale

as for Libs.. I admit I never checked to see if anything newer or later has come out... I guess I probably should

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