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Sidew 07-11-20 04:54 PM

New Inventory wont work as it should
Auto Junk sell wont work.
Set an Item to an new Filter also wont work.
Filter Window appears, Filter is selectable, then happens nothing.

Try severel tests, also with complete clean install of RealUI, always the same result.

The interesting Part, there were no lua error.

Bank, Bags and Guildbank looks fine.
All Optionbuttons in the open Bag Window works.

Btw the error with the Advanced Setup is fixed with 2.2.0

Rhytlocke 07-29-20 03:46 PM

Similar Isssue/problem
I'm seeing similar things. I'm not sure what broke it, but I'm also not seeing the 'Junk autosell' not working among other things.

Its as if cargBag_Nivaya addon customization for RealUI isn't functioning/enabling at all.

Grumpyrowley 07-30-20 06:27 AM

As already said, auto junk sell doesnt seem to work.

As for adding a new bag slot, I found after a relog the new bag slot worked fine.

Rhytlocke 08-03-20 12:34 AM

Ah okay, good to know - apologies, I must've skipped over the note about auto-junk.

The other peculiar behavior I was noticing is there's a delay/miss in detecting sold items while selling them to the merchant. The item will grey out, but still 'exist' in inventory. It also 'hiccups' while trying to mass sell, as in repeatedly right-clicking a group of items to sell.

Last thing I noticed was that opening something like an item strong box would not populate the item correctly until you close and reopen the inventory.

Sidew 08-04-20 01:56 PM

There is something more i found, when u open the Bank over the NPC and u close the Bags, the Connect to the NPC is still up.

So when u open your Bags after closing the Bank everything u try to equip, lands in the Bank.

The Connect to the NPC can only be cut, by walking away from him.

Grumpyrowley 08-05-20 07:49 PM

Also sometimes when trying to use an item in my bag such as an inscription contract (I cant remember which other items but there others) I get the error message RealUI_Inventory has been blocked from an action only availble to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload the UI.

I find a reload without disabling the addon works just as well as a quick fix.

I'll try and add other things as I find them:

Battle Pets.

I looks nice though and once the bugs are ironed out will be as good if not better than cargbags.

Fugginhiding 08-30-20 03:50 PM

Adding on to this, I do like the RealUI inventory, but is there a way to either remove some filters so that those types of items just collapse into themselves? Like the breaking up of each crafting reagent by type turning into Carq's style of just having all crafting be in its own tab-type.

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