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p3lim 12-12-10 06:21 PM

Disenchant tooltip entry
I would like to have a tooltip entry if an item is disenchantable, much alike a herb has the tooltip entry 'Millable' if you have Inscription, and ores have 'Prospectable' if you have Jewelcrafting.

I know there are tooltip entries for disenchanting, but those only show if you have the disenchanting spell active.

Guessing by item quality is not safe, and keeping a table full of items that are disenchantable or not is a mess.

If someone could post this to the EU and US interface forums, that would be great.
I can't since I don't have an active account.

Rigorous 12-12-10 06:34 PM

What about Enchantrix?

Dridzt 12-12-10 06:36 PM

This is a wish list directed at Blizzard developers.

He's not asking for an addon :)

Rigorous 12-13-10 02:44 AM

oh sorry, didn't look at the forum.

I was wondering why P3lim would ask a question like that....

/em slinks away quietly.

p3lim 12-13-10 03:20 AM

Preferably I'd like a function for all three (Milling, Prospecting and Disenchanting).
Shouldnt be hard to implement neither, since the database is already there.

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