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Platine 02-07-18 11:42 AM

I display a book in the game into frame ItemTextFrame.
How can I get the ID this book?

I can only get:
ItemTextGetItem() - title of book
ItemTextGetText() - book's contents
ItemTextGetPage() - number of current page

Ammako 02-07-18 12:02 PM

Is it possible you could use GetItemInfo with ItemTextGetItem(), and retrieve the item id from item link?

Platine 02-09-18 03:58 PM

GetItemInfo(ItemTextGetItem()) return empty result

Ammako 02-09-18 04:25 PM

If you're getting nil results, make sure the book is currently being read.

If it is, then you could run it again once GET_ITEM_INFO_RECEIVED fires, but since you presumably have the item in your inventory and are reading it, the info should already be available in memory so this shouldn't be happening.

Actually it looks like GetItemInfoInstant just returns itemID directly? I checked that the other day and I thought it didn't, but I must have misread. That would be the better and more straightforward way of doing it.

First output being the itemID for the book item being read.

Platine 02-19-18 11:05 AM

I'm reading a book direct from the table (in Undercity), not from bag.

This book have ID = 175749

GetItemInfo(175749) return empty result too.

Ammako 02-19-18 12:19 PM

My mistake for assuming you were looking for an item ID rather than an object ID.
In not sure, then.

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