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Kiaos 03-02-14 12:59 AM

Map doesn't work in combat
hey I've been having a problem using the map while in combat. Is there an option to disable map while in combat? or is this a bug?

Dont enable compatibility mode it messes with your map in combat.

Rythal 03-02-14 01:14 AM

Yes, compatability mode adds combat checks for many parts of carbonite because some other addons were trying to do map changes when WoW wouldn't allow them.

samnilla 03-03-14 02:31 AM

I can confirm also that disabling compatibility mode stops WoW from freezing up when the map gets opened up while you are in combat. Thank you.

xiondisc 03-13-14 09:29 PM

Are you talking about "compatibility mode" for the wow.exe application itself? If so, I still have this combat problem and I do not have anything running in compatibility mode at all.

You mentioned certain add-ons clashing. Could either ElvUI or Zygor Guides be causing this problem for me, if so could you help me fix this issue? It's very frustrating to be in a battleground where you constantly have to pull up your map. My map either gets stuck in fullscreen or the fullscreen version gets set to the size of the mini map. I think these two cases are based on the position of the map when I enter combat. It only happens when I minimize/maximize my map while IN combat.

Rythal 03-13-14 09:48 PM

He was refering to a setting within Carbonite Options, under Maps which is called Compatability Mode.

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