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GOSYDELIX 08-07-15 12:44 PM

Building a Macro, need advanced help!
Hello people! :)

I would like some help with building a macro, And I'm still trying to learning the conditions and other stuff, but I can try to explain what kind of macro I want.

#1 If I'm out of combat, and my target Is dead then cast Mass Ress ( Guild Perk )
#2 If I'm out of combat, and my target Is dead then use Loot-a-Rang
#3 If I'm out of combat, and my target Is Alive and Enemy, then castsequence Icy Touch togheter with Plague Strike
#4 If i'm still in combat, I just want my macro to reset with number #3.
#5 If i'm in combat, holding down shift, then use Health Stone

I hope this isn't too hard to make!
Thanks in advance

SDPhantom 08-07-15 08:40 PM

I made a few improvements to the design of the macro. Healthstone will accept any modifier key to be held. Mass Resurrection is set as the default action and runs if out of combat and no enemy is targeted. The Icy Touch/Plague Strike sequence should reset when you drop out of combat.

/castsequence [combat,mod] Healthstone; [combat][harm,nodead] reset=combat Icy Touch, Plague Strike; [harm,dead] Loot-A-Rang; Mass Resurrection

GOSYDELIX 08-07-15 09:51 PM

SDPhantom, you are my hero! Thanks alot!

EDIT : The Loot-a-Rang part of the macro doesn't work tho

2ND EDIT : It was a minor misspell on the macro! Fixed! Thanks again!

SDPhantom 08-08-15 12:07 PM

There are actually a couple different ones, the one I used in the macro was the original Loot-A-Rang I made back in Cataclysm.

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