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iambRad 09-16-19 05:37 AM

Move all Minimap icons (mail, find herbs, etc)
Hi all,

For Classic:

I'm looking for a basic addon that will allow me to move the non-addon icons on the minimap such as the mail and find herbs icons.

Bonus if they can be moved anywhere (as my mini map is square) and if they can be scaled at all.


sh4dowburn 12-21-19 09:38 AM

Lua Code:
  1. MiniMapMailFrame:ClearAllPoints()
  2.   MiniMapMailFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", Minimap,"TOPLEFT", -29, -18)
  3.   MiniMapMailFrame:SetScale(1.35)
  4.   MiniMapMailFrame.SetPoint = function() end

"MiniMapMailFrame" could be any icon around minimap,
u can use /fstack CMD in game to get all frame's name.

It works for me in classic.

jeffy162 12-21-19 11:08 AM

You could also try the addon "Minimap Button Frame". Although it isn't, specifically, set up for classic, I understand it does work (you'll just have to make sure to check the load out of date addons box).

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