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Olnir 11-17-19 09:48 AM

Item compare for classic
I am looking for a good addon to tell me the difference in items (stats, iLvL, etc.) for classic. I am currently using Kiwii but it only seems to compare the items you get from quests, whereas I want to be able to move my cursor over an item in my bag and not only see I have a bracer equipped, but what the differences are between them. Thanks.

jeffy162 11-17-19 04:49 PM

Take a look at Pawn . It doesn't say it, but it is Classic compliant also (it's listed as Classic ready on the file info tab).

Olnir 11-17-19 10:29 PM

Thanks... I will give it a shot. I am familiar with it in retail so it would be nice. Didn't know it was Classic compliant.

jeffy162 11-18-19 06:21 AM

I didn't know either. I thought that it might be, though, so I checked and it turns out that it is. Not really surprising, though, as the API for both games is very similar (the Classic version of WoW is built on a modified version of retail's 8.1).

SDPhantom 11-18-19 12:19 PM

The classic version doesn't come with any stock weights right now. You'll have to find or create those yourself.

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