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Jynks 09-03-20 12:13 PM

Hi.. I'm you do not know me.. but I know WUI!
Hey there.. been a wow player on and off since vanilla and been using wow interface since 2005 or something like that.... anyway. As I do I am back for the new expansion, but thought I would sub early and unlock some of those last missing Allied Races from Battle of Azeroth I am missing.

Anyway, just saying hi and how cool it is to see the site still around, again... and just a heads up that you will probably see a lot of "hey I used to have this mod that did this, and I can not remember what it was called / it is abandoned.. so what is that mod or a mod that dose the same thing" kind of thread!! Usually takes me a bit to get back up and running!

See ya!

JDoubleU00 09-03-20 07:23 PM

Welcome back.

Xrystal 09-04-20 04:41 AM

I would suggest running the game without addons for a while and then see what you feel is missing to make your new gameplay work for you .. what you had before may not be what you want or need now due to how you played before and how you play now.

Also, the game may have implemented a similar feature to what you used themselves negating the need for an additional addon.

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