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Yonaz 12-11-16 02:31 PM

Usage of Pawn
How are you using Pawn? I downloaded and use it "out-of-the-box". Do I have to run a new sim for it, or can I let it decide my gear? As prot pala, Haste is my stat, but a gear with half the haste another has is marked as upgrade..should I use it?

SDPhantom 12-11-16 06:05 PM

It has default stat weights provided by Mr. Robot. It'll choose one based on your class and spec. Some sites like Icy Veins also provide Pawn strings with some of their guides and you can import them to use their customized stat weights as well. This is entirely optional, but it has the capability.

tonyis3l33t 12-11-16 07:12 PM

This is how I use it

SDPhantom 12-11-16 07:59 PM

The OP was asking if he could use it without running a simulation, the simple answer is yes. Just because something has the capability doesn't mean it's required for the addon to function.

tonyis3l33t 12-12-16 06:25 AM

Here's the Pawn weights I use for prot paladin. Many specs (heals and tanks) have pretty static weights due to lack of a clear simulation method.

This comes from Paladin discord server


Official(tm) Pawn weights
( Pawn: v1: "Balanced v1": Strength=2.76, Stamina=4.26, CritRating=2.71, HasteRating=4.03, MasteryRating=3.25, Versatility=3.73, Armor=9)
( Pawn: v1: "Survival v1": Strength=1.73, Stamina=5.06, CritRating=2.16, HasteRating=3.30, MasteryRating=2.85, Versatility=3.44, Armor=10.66)

Marsgames 02-11-17 07:25 AM

Maybe a little bit lighter than pawn

SDPhantom 02-11-17 07:41 PM


Future Update :
Ability to have custom weight
Not quite supported yet.

Though for out-of-the-box experience, maybe? Stat weights are highly opinionated and no simulation can be 100% correct.
Looking at the description page itself, it has a lot of feature bloat (added stuff that has nothing to do with gear comparisons).

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