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Mayron 08-23-17 03:36 PM

Uploaded a new library for object-oriented lua programming
In my current UI pack (MayronUI Gen5), I am using a system for creating classes and encapsulating private data for instances of classes. I wanted to create a more powerful library to replace this and add a ton of new features.

In the future, I will add more classes that provide useful functionality, which can be imported using the library. I have currently made a simple List and Map object (similar to Java), but I want to add more common classes in the future, such as event handling features, etc...

About LibObjectLua
  • LibObject is a framework intended on making object-oriented programming easier for Lua developers.
  • You can create classes and call them to instantiate new instances/objects modeled from those classes.
  • You can create interfaces that enforce functions to be implemented by classes.
  • You can enforce strict typing rules to class and interface function parameters and return values.
  • Each class can inherit from at most one parent class. All classes either directly, or indirectly, inherit from the Object class.
  • There are many useful Object functions that all classes inherit and can use.
  • You can export/import classes using packages within a namespace.
  • There are many classes that can be imported from the framework, including a collections framework (similar to Java).
  • And more...

For the full documentation:

All feedback is appreciated :)

Ketho 08-23-17 09:49 PM

Looks... interesting. I want to say there is an old library with the same name on Curse just to avoid any confusion with that one

Mayron 08-23-17 11:48 PM


Originally Posted by Ketho (Post 324773)
Looks... interesting. I want to say there is an old library with the same name on Curse just to avoid any confusion with that one

Thank you for pointing that out. I'll try to think of another name ><

EDIT: Renamed to LibObjectLua

Mayron 08-27-17 04:47 AM

Updated to version 2.0. The new version includes:
  • Package exporting and importing
  • An Object:Parent() function so that you can choose to run Parent functions from child instances, instead of the child overridden version of the parent function.
  • Strict typing for widgets and objects, so you can validate whether a parameter or return value type is an instance of a class/interface, or a specific widget, such as a "Frame".

I have also edited the library documentation to support these new changes.

Layback_ 08-28-17 04:56 AM

First of all, thank you for sharing your project :)

I found a simple typo while I was reading your project page.

For section 4 (Function Definitions), there's a line saying


"Line 9 states that the first argument passed..."
which I guess it should be Line 10, not 9.

It won't confuse any readers even if you don't fix it, but you know ;)

Mayron 08-28-17 07:36 AM

Thanks for pointing that out. I recently altered the code examples and only managed to find a few line number notes that needed changing.

I also added text emphasizing that strict typing of parameter and return values is completely optional and you do not have to enable this feature.

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