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maqjav 12-11-17 07:55 AM

PARTY_KILL event and world creature

I'm trying to see if a member of my party (or just me) killed an enemy.
I'm capturing the event PARTY_KILL, however I'm seeing that if the person who deals the last hit isn't in the group, the event is not fired.
If I use UNIT_DIED, I always capture the event, but even if I'm walking beside the enemy and didn't even hit it once.

How can I capture if someone in my party/raid, and only in my party/raid killed or helped to kill an enemy (with help I mean to kill something that you can loot after)?


myrroddin 12-16-17 07:28 AM

PARTY_KILL only checks within your party, as you noticed. It does not even check if someone in your raid but not in your actual party gets the kill.

What I would do is use UNIT_DIED and from that get the GUID of the killer, then check if that GUID is also in your party (or raid, or both, depending on what you need).

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