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galvin 05-27-19 10:46 PM

WoW Classic stance/forms list
I need a list of stance numbers by class. From wow classic beta

The numbers that are returned by GetShapeshiftFormInfo()


For druids I was able to pull up all the forms. I just don't know what stance number each one has
Dire Bear

SDPhantom 05-28-19 01:29 PM

The numbers change depending on level and spec for some classes (I know they do for druid). As a general rule, they're as numbered left-to-right on the stance bar starting from 1. There was a table somewhere mapping them out.

Here's an older version of the API page on WoWPedia with some of the numbers. Use this only for the order in which the forms show up, they will be shifted according to which forms the player currently has.

galvin 05-28-19 08:55 PM

I think their static for classic though.
Thanks. I'm pretty sure tree form don't exist in classic wow though

SDPhantom 05-29-19 06:35 AM

The code for the bars are exactly the same between classic and modern.
And correct, Tree Form isn't in classic.

galvin 05-29-19 09:35 PM

Yeah I just didn't know the order. What stance was 1, 2, and so on. I had to look at some videos from 2006. Look at the stance bars of druid and paladin. To figure out the correct numbers. Still not verified until people start using my mod for classic.

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