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Archang3ll 08-01-18 02:26 AM

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The problem I seem to be having is that Minion will not display any of my addons. Nor is there any info under the "Find More" option. I heard different answers as to where the game folder path should be but mine is pointed to the interface folder. I've fully uninstalled and re-installed the minion application twice now. The app picks up my ESO addons immediately, but hasn't, of yet, picked up any of my WoW Addons.
  • Your minion#.log (located under C:\Users\<username>\.minion\)
  • Your minion.xml (located under C:\Users\<username>\.minion\)
  • A screenshot of the problem if applicable
  • What operating system are you using Minion with? 64bit or 32bit?

I attempted to upload my Minion.log file the I'm getting a message that the file is too big

My OS is Windows 10 64bit.

Please, any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Seerah 08-01-18 03:19 PM

Try deleting or renaming your log file and run Minion again to generate a new one. Hopefully that one will be smaller. ;)

Or you can try to zip it up and see if it's then below 20MB.

Archang3ll 08-03-18 06:01 PM

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That actually worked. Thank You. The log file is now attached

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