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Daelion 11-15-12 04:56 PM

This Objective is not in the Database

I'm having an issue with MoP quests.
When I try to track the quest in says, "This Objective is not in the Database.".
Instead of a white dot in front of the quest objective it's an orange/red dot.

Carbonite is working on the rest of my characters and is only effecting my lvl 90DK.
I noticed the problem when I hit 90. I logged off and logged back in to find the issue.
I have since accepted 2 new quests and they seemed to be working properly until I logged off.
Again I found the same issue with those quests as well.

2 of the quests are,

90 - Nope
89 - Bad Yak

I've tried to do a clean install of carbonite...
I even thought it might be a WoW issue so I uninstalled WoW and reinstalled. Still the same issue.



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