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hasitahunter 06-21-13 08:28 PM

objective missing
Hi there :)
I just installed the nUI and really like the look of it so far, but my objectives/quest list is stuck at the bottom of the screen and I can see my quests,I do still use this lol, is there any way to move it back up where it was, or even better, where ever I want it to be?

ty :rolleyes:

hasitahunter 06-21-13 10:29 PM

nUI help plz
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hi, I just downloaded the nUI and really like the look of it but there's one problem
my objectives list is stuck down at the bottom and I cant seem to find a way to move it.
read all the "help" list and moved around a few things to my liking, but this wont move
and I do need it :(
is there any way to put it back where it was?
plz reply someone :o


Seer 06-22-13 12:53 AM

I think you can use the move command to adjust that. Not to sure tho.

/nui movers

Then first move the big frame covering all others so you can move the objectives frame. To restore the big frame to its normal position right click it.

I guess you are also using the mini map addon for nUI?

Xrystal 06-22-13 03:18 AM

From the look of that image you are using possibly a different addon for the minimap as it has positioned or allowed you to move the minimap to where the first block of unit frames sit. If nUI was managing the minimap alone it positions it in the middle of the unit frame block at the bottom. That could explain why the objectives are attached like that.

One suggestion for a new nUI user is to turn off all addons other than nUI and play around to see whats missing. Then slowly add what you need to complete your playing enjoyment. You should find that a lot of your old addons are no longer required.

Daveo77 06-22-13 04:09 AM

Xrystal, that image shows he is using the Minimap InfoPanel addon that moves the Minimap from between the unit frames to the InfoPanel area instead.

Xrystal 06-22-13 08:15 AM

*oops* Thought that was the chat frame on the left and not the unit frame area. *blush*

hasitahunter 06-22-13 09:16 AM


Originally Posted by Daveo77 (Post 280151)
Xrystal, that image shows he is using the Minimap InfoPanel addon that moves the Minimap from between the unit frames to the InfoPanel area instead.

hi, yes I (she) :P is using the minimap infopanel addon, but the objectives were like that before I added it.

I'll try the /nUI move thing Seer suggested and see if that works
I dont really have many other addons other than NPCscan & auctionator, but I'll remove them for now and see it it changes ty all! :D

ok got it :D ty all so much, I disabled the map info panel and its fine now :D

Just in case any one else has this problem, you have to uncheck the 'nUI_InfoPanel_minimap' while ingame, then relode if you want the WoW map and objectives back to normal. you still have the other map (small looks like world map at the bottom).
if you try to just uncheck it in addons from main characters window before logging in, it will go to the center box of the new UI and the objectives will still be stuck at the bottom.
hope this helps :)

rj_killeen 09-28-13 03:33 PM

Objectives Unable To Be Moved
My situation is similar, except that my objectives show on the left hand side and the /nui movers command does not show a bar or toggle for the Objectives to be moved as I please, as it used to.

I used the /nui minimap command, and that put the objectives on the right hand side (where I prefer them), but it also disabled the mini map from within the nUI where I like it in the middle.

I would like to keep the mini map in the middle on the bottom, but still be able to move the Objectives like I used to.

rj_killeen 09-28-13 11:49 PM

.lua error - line 792 - REM Statement.

Just wanted to confirm the REM statement on line 792 is the issue.
Edited the .lua (sorry) and started WoW. Was able to access the Objectives with /nui movers again.
Also, before doing that, I noticed that the Objectives were back where I had placed them originally, and not locked to the top left, as stated in the .lua file.


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