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kasca 02-24-14 08:53 PM

Raid fun Guild
With the crap wod going to bring. I need to find a guild. My mains are on kirin tor ally. I cant aford to transfer so need make new.

Anyone got a good guild? On a server WITH population. Been messing on one but no population. No seeing and nothing to buy or way crazy prices. I go horde to find one.

10leej 02-25-14 12:06 AM

Korgath is a great place to go for horde even though its an alliance dominant server. I don't play wow much anymore (work pretty much has me locked into ESO for 10 hours a day so kinda get sick of MMOs after the end of the day) so I have no news on what guilds are looking and the auctions might seem high.

But, unlike a lot of servers with ridiculous prices korgath is what's called a seller's market. Which means that if you farm it, people will buy it. Normally in less than five minutes of the initial posting.

If your set on pre finding a guild though I'm not stopping you but it typically never lasts unless you find an awesome group.

Tonyleila 02-25-14 04:27 AM

If a guid is not very successful and raids are cancelled the guid is not a "Raid fun Guild" for me. So you have to define this a bit more. What is your target? Look at and search for guids of servers you like. I woud not switch servers since blizzards is in the progress of joining them together already.

kasca 02-25-14 08:55 AM

A guild that has fun. Meaning they actually DO things and talk. Not just show up now and do as i say. I play to have fun. Ive tryed several guilds That dont give a crap about each other or even talk in guild chat. I have no use for a guild or other players that think your there to get them loot. But with some the crap coming back in wod that part the game is coming back it seems.

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