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Dawn 09-17-15 03:12 PM

really strange bag sorting issue
I have no idea where to put this, so general wow chat it is.

And here it goes; On my warrior main - for whatever reason - new loot does not go into the standard backpack (that 16 slot "first bag" you get). But into the third bag. It is "slightly" annoying. And I have NO idea why. It can't be an addon either, or it would do that shit on all characters. Which it doesn't.

I want this stuff to go into the main backpack like it should do anyway. My sorting OCD is killing me, since I have to manually put new loot there every time.

What the "f" is goin on here? :banana:

Fizzlemizz 09-17-15 03:19 PM

Under the game Interface\Controls menu do you have "Loot to Leftmost bag" checked?

Dawn 09-17-15 11:29 PM


Didn't even know that option existed.

Thanks a lot! This was very very annoying! :D

Fizzlemizz 09-18-15 01:30 AM


Originally Posted by Dawn (Post 311032)
Didn't even know that option existed.

It was part of the WoD bag "enhancements"

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