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PhaZor 05-23-20 11:19 AM

only use item if stunned
I would like a macro or addon button that when clicked will use a Living Action Potion only if I am stunned or movement impaired. I think you can do conditionals in macros like using one spell if in combat, a different one if not in combat, so I figure this logic may be possible for being stunned. I want to be able to spam a button but only have it use the Living Action Potion if it is immediately beneficial. I'm open to using an addon to do the same thing.

Tim 05-23-20 11:35 AM

You cannot create smart macros to do X action on X cooldown or player in X state.
You can use WeakAuras to create a button to only show when you're stunned/movement impaired though.
You can also create an addon essentially doing the same thing as the WA, then setting up a bind for the button. You can probably set a bind for the WA button as well but, not really versed in extensive WA stuff.

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