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scrable 10-14-14 05:52 PM

Texture coloring issue with oUF Slim
I understand that oUF Slim has not been updated by the author in a long time, but I've managed to at least keep it working myself. I'm not a lua master by any means. When I logged in today my textures for my health bars looked like this:

What is troubling me is that the health deficit is not being colored by class color anymore. It was doing this prior to the patch as you can see here: This picture isn't the best because I'm at 1 hp(lol) but you can see what I mean via the raid frames on the bottom right.

Does anyone have an idea of what is causing this and/or how I would be able to fix it? Thanks for your time! :)

MoonWitch 10-15-14 04:44 AM

Post your code :) Or better; put it in a pastie and we can look at it :)

scrable 10-15-14 03:19 PM

These are probably the only two files that are necessary, but if one of them points to a different file then I can post that one if needed.

Here is the pastie for the config file:
I cannot create a pastie for the main file because it is over 64kb, so here is a pastebin instead:
Whatever I wrote in there probably isn't the most well written, but it works so I don't care really. Thanks for your time and hopefully we can find this problem :)

scrable 10-15-14 06:11 PM

Found the problem :) Thank you for trying to help though!

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