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kearicb 11-09-13 09:47 PM

Lags on quest objective update
First and foremost!! Thank you so much for keeping this addon alive. I took a break from the game starting in 2010 just before Mists was due to come out. I was so happy to see it still around!

I have installed the Beta because i was annoyed that the other one did not have a proper map for Timeless Isle.

i have noticed though that while working on quests and i complete a part of it, say its kill a mob, or gather an item. shortly after it lags and the game freezes for about a second. i tend to like doing raids and randoms, anyone knows that that second of hanging can be either the make or break moment of your instance.

I have removed the old carbonite and made a fresh install. It still happens.

Are there any suggestions to fixing this?

kearicb 12-04-13 12:02 PM

I know you are a busy guy with a couple jobs and so forth. But will there be any updates on the module of the Addon? I really loved the quest tracker feature with the completion sounds. I hate bliz's quest tracker.

Zucan 01-08-14 09:13 AM

I wanted to add to this myself... I came to the forums this morning for exactly this issue. I have been playing around with my addons, disabling most of them and enabling selective ones to find out where my lag is. I finally pinned it down to the Carbonite Questing module. For me, however, I really only see the issue in Darkmoon Faire and on Timeless Isle. I think the problem exists in other places, but it isn't bad enough to really bother me.

For Darkmoon Faire, the worst dailies to do are the whack-a-mole, gun shoot, and the target tank games... Each one of those dailies causes an update to the objective count when a mole is whacked or a target is shot. On each update, I get a 1-3 second delay... even worse, I find that I end up missing other targets (since I usually am already in route to my next target) because I over or undershoot the next target.

If I disable the Carbonite Questing module (and only that module), lag completely disappears and I have smooth game play. Of course, I don't get objective updates as I work through the daily.

Can anyone else confirm this issue as well? I am using 5.4.0 Alpha 2.


eurolink 01-18-14 12:36 AM

Lag confirmed

Originally Posted by Zucan (Post 289390)
Can anyone else confirm this issue as well? I am using 5.4.0 Alpha 2.


I can confirm I'm having this lag issue as well. I completely disabled Carbonite months ago and don't plan on using it again until there's an update to this lag issue. It's that annoying. Been using this addon for years and would love to see it functioning properly again.

samnilla 01-23-14 01:04 AM

My game does this also. Every time I open a mob up to loot it, I get a 1-3 second delay where my screen freezes. The game hasn't stopped though. By that I mean if something was walking past me or I have my fingers on the mouse to move me, once my game gives control back to me, things are where they probably would be as if that delay hadn't happened. So this delays happens very frequently. As much as I'm liking this addon, this is annoying enough that it is just about becoming a show stopper for me.

samnilla 01-27-14 03:34 PM

I just finished a quest in Uldum called Gnomeliteration where you have to roll over 1000 gnomes with a fireball. My system usually runs around 30 fps but with the way carbonite was updating the quest as I was killing the gnomes, the framerate dropped down to a dismal 3-8 fps for a lot of the quest. Once I was done killing my gnomes for the quest, I could roll over as many as I wanted to and the framerate stayed stable.

godpigeon 02-02-14 10:32 PM

Figured I'd add my experiences, same lag on my higher level toons. It is worst on my main with the most quests done (if that's a factor). My level 31 that I'm leveling with only a few quests has no noticeable lag.

PS. Just realized I'm having the same lag when I loot archeology while carbonite quest is on also.. could it be trying to track all "new" items and conflicting with another addon with a lot of bag space?

Sparkplug 02-05-14 06:36 PM

Is there anyway to help figure out what's causing this? I'm willing to use debugging addons or something to help figure out what's causing this. Sucks that it's not an error where it'd be easier to track down.

Rythal 02-11-14 02:51 PM

That is the unfortunate part of this bug that has made it so difficult... the fact there is no error messages. That means it's something either running to long, or running multiple times when it shouldn't be and causing more processing then should be occuring.... but since it's not happening on my end I could strip out 90% of the code and not know if it's fixed or not.

What it's most likely going to come down to is i'll need to create a special version of the quest module that has a huge amount of debugging, when functions start running, when they end, which function got called and have people use it and report what chat is saying when it occurs, hopefully letting us narrow it down.

The only plus side is the common denominator in it all has been when quests get updated.

Has anyone tried turning off the carbonite quest tracker and seeing if it still happens? (leaving quest module loaded, but quest watch turned off)

Sparkplug 02-12-14 03:06 AM

I went through and unchecked everything in the Quest Watch options and still get the lag when taking/dropping quests. Also as a note, it also lags when updating shared objectives too (I usually play with a friend and we both use Carbonite)

Starting to play around with printing out msgs at the start and end of commands (I'm not all that familiar with LUA, I'm more of a PHP coder so I'm trying to figure out what functions fire when) I'll try to update this with my findings as I go.

So far:
Lag is after UpdateList triggers.

Nimhfree 02-12-14 09:55 AM

I just ran a test using only Carbonite and Carbonite-Quests and was unable to cause lag. I did tests with simple gathering objectives, as well as ones where I would need to kill and gather. Monitoring with the addon "Addon Usage" I was able to see that Carbonite-Quests would never use any real amounts of CPU time, but of course Carbonite was constantly using 30-50% of the time. Therefore, it looks like a "debug" version of the module will need to be used by those experiencing the problem to try to find out why.

I forgot to add that I did this solo, without any group members.

Sparkplug 02-13-14 06:28 AM

So I probably should have gone through and tested every AddOn for compatibility before but it seems my lag issue is caused by PetTracker.

Nimhfree 02-13-14 08:41 AM

The real questions are: (1) is it both PetTracker and Carbonite-Quests together or just PetTracker, and (2) are the others that are experiencing the problem also using PetTracker?

Sparkplug 02-13-14 10:38 AM

Looks like it's combined... Should be getting on with a friend in a little bit and I'll do more testing with quest objectives (was mostly testing by picking up/dropping quests) but seems I'm not the only one with the lag due to that

sandlolz 02-14-14 01:40 PM

interesting about pet tracker. i knew it was another addon and not just carbonite causing the issue, my main problem was, i have almost 100 addons and just didnt have the patience to narrow it down. this might encourage me to use carbonite once again. thanks!


reinstalled carbonite, uninstalled pet tracker. problem solved, no more quest lag issue!

Rythal 02-15-14 02:16 AM

I'm pleased to say, if someone can be ever pleased about a bug... that I can confirm it myself, with pet tracker enabled I get a tiny spot of lag after anything that causes a quest window update... so it's a start at least now we know what is causing it.

Sparkplug 02-15-14 04:19 AM


Originally Posted by sandlolz (Post 290749)
interesting about pet tracker. i knew it was another addon and not just carbonite causing the issue, my main problem was, i have almost 100 addons and just didnt have the patience to narrow it down. this might encourage me to use carbonite once again. thanks!


reinstalled carbonite, uninstalled pet tracker. problem solved, no more quest lag issue!

That's why I hadn't tried that either... I was finally bored enough to sit and individually go through and figure out which one it was.

Nimhfree 02-15-14 07:07 AM

As a side note that may not have any bearing on this issue, but I was checking Carbonite.Quests/NxQuest.lua and I found some leaks into the global name space. I will do some more checking today and probably send Rythal changes I make to the file to stop the leaks to see if that might help interaction with PetTracker.

crazzzzi 02-17-14 08:34 PM

i know this may be a tangent, but i tried out Pettracker, and what a great add-on. there is a small lag on quest updating, which is not a deal breaker, but i have 2 questions. is there a way to have the pet info display on the carbonite world map? merging puts most of the icons there, but you lose the ability to get the info from mousing over the icons. Also is there a way to have the info about how many pets in a particular zone you need to display on the quest window, since Blizz' objective window does not show when Carbonite is enabled? i am also posting the questions on Pettracker's site. thx to both of you for stellar add-ons, keep up the good work!

Rythal 02-18-14 02:14 AM

Having a way for pet tracker (or other addons) hook into the carbonite quest tracker to display info was something I had pondered doing... in my head of so many things I want to do lol

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