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bsmorgan 09-11-17 03:00 PM

How to determine current AK level
7.3 has changed the AK level to be system-wide increasing by one each week. Is there a new API function to determine what the current level is?

Ammako 09-11-17 04:35 PM

There was a thread made about that when 7.3 came out:

p3lim 09-11-17 10:59 PM

Considering how it's based on X amount of weeks since the 7.3 patch, you could technically just hardcode the release day of that patch and count how many weeks it's been since, no need to open the artifact window to get accurate data, just use the date function.

Rainrider 09-13-17 04:55 PM

Nothing has changed in the API in this regard. LibArtifactData-1.0 returns the correct numbers and I haven't updated anything in it for 7.3 yet.

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