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ckknight 04-21-06 08:43 PM

FuBar plugin requests
This is the official thread for FuBar plugin requests.

Do not file a feature request on my portal to request a plugin, instead, leave a comment here.

BRM 04-21-06 09:31 PM

pvp info
Would be nice to have something similiar to this Titan [PVP Info] .


Kalmarin 04-21-06 09:39 PM

The only thing I'm missing to be able to swith over to FuBar, love the addon, is a version of Titan Aggro . Also a addon similar to Titan Roll would be nice. Thank you.

Cairenn 04-21-06 10:51 PM

I'd love it if someone were to port DSanai's EmoteMenu with his permission and the proper credit given.

neolith 04-22-06 01:46 AM


Originally Posted by Kalmarin
Also a addon similar to Titan Roll would be nice. Thank you.

I second that - something like Titan Panel [JBRoll] is the only thing I really miss.

Shumee 04-22-06 02:22 AM

Would be really nice to get TradeCooldown for FuBar.

teedog 04-22-06 04:40 AM

Titan Aggro
SW Stats

Thanks in advance!

Jefferson 04-22-06 07:42 AM

i only miss plugins like

Titan Aggro -
Titan Roll -

all other plugins iam used to are allready in the starter pack or converted by other author

thx for that great addon

Marthisdil 04-22-06 08:01 AM

Volume Control 2

Inconspicuous 04-22-06 08:04 AM

I'd like to see some type of DPS monitor along the lines of : (for telo's info bar)
or (for titan panel)

RecapFU doesn't do the trick at all for me for three reasons mainly; 1. it requires Recap, 2. it doesnt let you see current DPS (Not to my knowledge atleast) and 3. I dont care about other peoples DPS, that's their business just need to know my own so I dont accidentally over nuke :)

Repabil 04-22-06 08:19 AM

Plugin to grab all minimap buttons and place one on the bar, when you mouse over it it lets you choose other buttons or scroll through them. In other words ButtonHole's functionality but as a FuBar plugin.

Since LocationFu shows coordinates I'd like it be able to do map notes too and also be able to send and recieve notes from CT_MapMod. Would also like LocationFu to be able to hide the zoom buttons and let you zoom minimap with scrool wheel. So you don't have to have several map mods and have it all in the gem that's FuBar.

Plugin to shows all your macros when you mouse over it, if you click one it lets you run it. It also got a list of commands you ran via chat prompt. When the plugin is not on mouse over it shows the last run command (macro or command). If you right click a macro it lets you edit it. Would also be cool if it let you share macros with other players, bit like CT_MapMod shares notes.

mfrnka 04-22-06 09:10 AM

Titan Roll
Item Bonuses
Volume Control 2

gariig 04-22-06 09:49 AM

Someone already did ItemBonuses. I'm posting this because so many people are asking for it.

Aileen 04-22-06 10:15 AM

Someone already did a plugin for KombatStats, which is like CombatStats with a K.

Marthisdil 04-22-06 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by Aileen
Someone already did a plugin for KombatStats, which is like CombatStats with a K.

Right - cept I use CombatStats (latest and greatest from curse) - thanks tho!

Also, a replacement for TitanCritline would be cool....

ckknight 04-22-06 01:31 PM


Volume Control 2
FuBar - Factions
FuBar - ItemBonusesFu
FuBar - VolumeFu

Dannyo 04-22-06 07:13 PM

Fubar plugin for itemrack... PLEASE!!!! :D

opoc 04-22-06 08:12 PM

Link to 64+ FuBar plug-ins
FuBar Plug-ins

Please go look here before suggesting plug-ins

Corgi 04-22-06 08:19 PM

there's also a list at the Ace wiki website

ckknight 04-23-06 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by joshwill80
sorry if it has already been requested, but i would like to see recommended instance information added to the locationfu tooltip.

LocationFu has recommended zones + instances. If this isn't what you're looking for, please describe what you are.

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