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Seerah 01-15-17 08:38 PM

Pick for 1/15: Hard Yards (updated) & ShieldBars (updated)
Hard Yards:

Do you prefer to keep your commonly used abilities (bars) hidden, but still would like to know if you are in range to use Charge? Trying to keep distance on your current target, but want to get them in your Arcane Explosion? This addon displays its best determination of your range to your target. The game does not give us this data, so Hard Yards checks to see if various items and abilities are in-range of the target to get a min and max value to display to you on screen. The distance to your target will be between these values.

Don't just "eyeball" it, measure it by downloading this addon here.


ShieldBars was a pick back in 2011, and since it was updated again this week, I figured it was time to put it in the spotlight again. This addon displays all shields currently active on your character, their remaining time left, and how much damage absorption they have to go. The display is customizable, and you may also choose how it sorts the list of shields, if there is more than one present. A shield's bar will even flash if it is about to wear off or be used up.

You can get this addon from its download page.

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