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Cabernay 02-12-13 03:48 PM

Map showing treasure locations
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The attached image is what I "sometimes" see when I mouse over the map in Pandaria. I stress the word "sometimes". All of the little icons showing treasure locations.

Is this part of Carbonite or is it another addon that is doing this? I want to see this all of the time. I don't know how to make it show. Sometimes it is there, and most of the time it is not showing the treasure locations.

I still see mining locations, etc. It is the treasure icons that disappear most of the time.

I hope I am making myself clear on the problem here.

Thanks for your time.

Rythal 02-12-13 06:13 PM

It's another addon doing it, carbonite does not have treasure locations.

crazzzzi 02-12-13 06:32 PM

i think that is Gatherer

myrroddin 02-13-13 01:36 AM

That is either Gatherer, or more likely HandyNotes with HandyNotes_LostAndFound.

A complete list of updated HandyNotes plugins can be found here. Stop at _FlightMasters, and even that has no Pandaria data.

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