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ktoarcade 10-01-20 05:12 PM

Debuff side panel?
how do i turn off the debuff panel on the right side of my screen whenever i raid its just too much lol and fill the whole right side

Xrystal 10-01-20 07:02 PM

Wow didn't realise we had access to these forums again .. or it may just be the community chat forums.

Anyway ..

I think I know what you are talking about .. The list of auras on the right that mirror the list of auras on the left ? I'm not sure there is a way to turn them off, similar to not being able to turn off blizzards aura icons on their target frames, although they may have a limit on the number displayed but I thought it was 30.

I'll take a look and see how Scott built them up and see if there is a way around it without messing up the game or gameplay or if there is a way for you to toggle it off at your end.

ktoarcade 10-01-20 07:17 PM

ok ty. its just a huge list and very distracting. also i could get use to it just havent used NUI since WOTLk

Xrystal 10-01-20 07:35 PM

It's cool.

Okay, it looks like Scott has added the display of the aura bars as an option in the layout files. The layout files that comes with nUI are default and will get overwritten whenever an update comes out. But if you find a layout plugin that is close to your visual requirements and includes these files you could adjust those remembering that any update to that plugin will overwrite your changes.

That said here goes.

In your wow game folder you should have a folder structure as follows:

And inside those are a bunch of grouping types that you can customize.

Namely ...
Solo, Party, Raid10, Raid15, Raid20, Raid25, Raid40

I would assume only raiding scenarios are annoying and having them in Solo or Party mode are useful so do the following for each of the Raid group folders. I'll use Raid10 as an example.

1. Open up nUI_UnitSkin_Raid10Target.lua in your preferred text editor.
2. Look for the section starting with ["Aura"] a search should find it as the first match if you start from the top of the page. It is roughly around line 675 to help if you are scrolling down.
3. There are 2 types of Aura sections here. the first is debuffs [1] and the second is buffs [2]
4. Within each of these blocks is an options section and inside that is an enabled option. By default they are set to true.
5. Simply set them to false and your targets debuffs and buffs won't appear.

Then save and reload the game if still in there or log back in if logged out. I suggest the latter to be sure it is applied.

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