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Gulla 10-13-09 03:06 AM

Best in slot list - BiS list

It would be awesome to have a addon where you could have a list of best in slot items for your class/spec. Even if you had to add the items to the list yourself it would be a perfect replacement for tabbing and searching all the time. Some people may be able to store this information in thier head but I sertenly not.

My thoughts where that you have a window where you can select head, shoulders, weapon, trinket etc etc. And when you click for example head a list comes up with your current head at the bottom and then a list of the better ones in order to the top with info where they drop instance - boss.

It wouldnt be so hard to know if the item thats is dropped is worth bidding for or not.

Does anyone feel like they could do this or know a guide for it?

Maybe it allready does exist?

Thanks for answers.


Vis 10-13-09 06:29 AM

Maybe something like this addon?

Gulla 10-13-09 09:39 AM

Thanks Im gonna try it out!

Gulla 10-13-09 09:48 AM

Well kinda but I want to be able to make a list for all slots with better items than I got and what boss drop em. I'm gonna read up on how to script and maybe I can fix one. =))

Limb0 10-13-09 10:02 AM

What I do is from AtlasLoot, I have my items I need saved to the wishlist (alt + click on an item after creating a named wishlist) which then places an icon near the item. Wishlists can be shared with other users, and different wishlists can be made, for example Mainspec, Offspec, Vanity..

If you click the Wishlist button, it will show all your items listed under the Instances and Difficulties along with the Boss.

Petrah 10-13-09 10:05 AM

I use an addon called NotesUNeed. It's like having your very own notebook in game. I've copy/pasted information from both Elitist Jerks and Wow Professions directly into new notes for NotesUNeed. Very handy little addon!

Gulla 10-15-09 01:26 AM

NotesUNeed was my natural choice here. Works great.

Thanks for all oppinions though!

peace and love

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