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Phaedre 10-26-12 09:55 AM

Anyone else getting low FPS when using Ion?
I've reported this in the bug forum, but I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this as well.

With Ion enabled, my FPS is 12 to 14. Disabling Ion ONLY, my FPS leaps to 70. I've done multiple tests to verify that it is Ion that is crippling my FPS.

However, I love Ion so much that I still run with it. I'm not raiding, so it is not as crucial to ensure that I have a reasonable FPS.

Phanx 10-26-12 05:30 PM

I haven't experienced that specific issue, because I'm currently not using Ion until it's in a more usable state for playing on more than one spec/class/character, but I'm not surprised. Ion is currently very much an alpha-quality product. :(

Dridzt 10-28-12 05:14 AM

I haven't experienced a blanket fps drop but it currently spams the client with ADDON_BLOCKED errors when using a vehicle (example the klaxxi faction daily that has you riding a bug)

If you don't have an error catching addon you may not notice these and they could be slowing your client down.

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