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Maul 01-21-14 04:54 PM

Wishes of Design (WoD)
Wishes of Design (WoD)

Welp, here we are. Almost done with Mists of Pandaria and two expansions of lackluster addon releases on my part. In truth, while my love for World of Warcraft has not waned, I just really did not have a reason to log in each day for hours at a time. In these past two expansions (Cataclysm and Mists) I found myself doing other things, other priorities, and being busy elsewhere. I really did try to put some effort into the push to get Ion to a release state, yet as you know that just did not happen.

But as we all know change is the only constant, right?

I have to say that Warlords of Draenor, despite its "ehh" title, has me excited for WoW again. I keep reading about it, all the changes, the level of excitement I see that it is bringing back to WoW, and I find myself thinking about it all the time. I really want to play it. A lot. I am not a WoW lore guru, but I do love the story and the story of the game really drives me. Particularly when we are talking about foundational stories of the game, which really are what makes Warcraft what it is. Such as the Lich King story. Many think that the Wrath of the Lich King was the best expansion, but I do not think enough grasp "why". The game mechanics in-and-of-themselves, well, were not really mind blowing in the sense that they carried the game. No one logged in saying "I love my 2 button mage rotation so much it is the only reason I logged in!". No, I firmly believe it was the story of the Lich King...a story many Warcraft fans knew and they were excited to face him in Icecrown. At least that is my take on it.

So, here we are about to go into an expansion that has promises of Lich King epicness. And here I am really excited about it. And what does that mean? Well, if I play a lot, I plan on using addons...a lot. And this may be my action bar addon's rebirth moment (let's just say it has been gestating these past expansions >_>). I really have the core of the addon down now, I feel it is solid and just needs to be polished and filled out (as I am sure many others do! Well, those that are left :P)

Yet there is one small problem. Time. I still have some time constraints as I have a lot going on, though my overall health is much improved thanks to excellent things that have happened in favor of it (no, not going to get into *that* debate, but it has nothing to do with recent general health care happenings). So I need to approach this in a way that feels right, rather than how I used to, flooded and overwhelmed from all directions about every little detail, but yet happily code away.

Then it hit me, a perfect way to prioritize what to get done. So this is a pact I am making with users, past and present, of my action bar addon. I perhaps do not vocalize it enough, really not at all, but the donation system for addons I really do appreciate. I remember being reluctant at first to join the other addon authors who were doing so, as I did not want to bring money into it, but I kept getting the requests urging me to set up something. So I did just that so many years ago. Thus, this "perfect way" for me to prioritize Ion development is this: if you have *ever* donated (even if it was only 1!) just send me an email with your top 3 requests on features to add and/or bugs to fix. I will then consolidate the requests and work off them as a priority list and steadily work to get Ion to release state by the time WoD releases. Maybe sooner, if the fates allow.

This is my way of saying thank you to all those who have supported my addon efforts. I have been and always will be eternally grateful to those who thought my work was of some value to them.

- Maul

Choonstertwo 01-22-14 02:32 AM

I'm glad to hear you'll be working on your AddOns again. I really liked Macaroon and although Ion was never quite 100% working, it was very useful.

Maul 02-01-14 06:12 AM

Thanks for all of the responses :) I now have a working "to do" list!

I will probably get a minor update done soon to address the broker bug using the solution provided by corveroth (thanks corveroth!)

leobolin 07-24-14 03:14 PM

Any chance of getting a working beta version soon, now that AddOns have been enabled for a while? :D

I'm finding it really hard to play without Ion!

Phanx 07-24-14 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by Choonstertwo (Post 289965)
I'm glad to hear you'll be working on your AddOns again. I really liked Macaroon and although Ion was never quite 100% working, it was very useful.

I really liked Macaroon, but because Ion was never quite 100% working, I had to switch to Bartender. :(

I've never donated to a WoW addon, but maybe if enough of those who have donated request profile support it will make it into the next incarnation, and maybe I'll be able to switch back... though at this point the only thing I really miss is the ability to edit macros directly on the bar, since the Blizzard macro UI is just awful, but then again it would be inconvenient to have macros that exist outside of the Blizzard macro system since I now use some other addons that do stuff with macros... so we'll see. I'll definitely give any new version a try, though!

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