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Jynks 04-08-15 08:27 PM

Penance Macro Help
Hi there... still trying to get wow back into the state I had it before my break. I thought all the macros saved :(

What I would like is a penance macro that....

When mousing over it casts at teh mouseover target. Regardless if it is friend or foe (as it can dmg and heal)
If there is no mouseover target but there is a selected target, it cast at that.

This is what I tried but it doesn't work....


/cast [target=mouseover] Penance; [target, nodead] Penance
Any ideas?

Seerah 04-08-15 10:00 PM

add exists to your first conditional


/cast [target=mouseover, exists] Penance; [target, nodead] Penance
or, shorter...

/cast [@mouseover,exists] Penance; [nodead] Penance

10leej 04-08-15 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by Seerah (Post 308046)
or, shorter...

/cast [@mouseover,exists] Penance; [nodead] Penance

Or even shorter (macros don't need spaces)


/use [@mouseover,exists][]penance

Phanx 04-09-15 07:12 PM

While there's technically no need to specify "nodead" since Penance can't be cast on a dead target, it's better to keep it so you don't end up with the "glowing hand" cursor. I'd also add "nodead" to the mouseover check so it also ignores dead mouseover targets:


/cast [@mouseover,nodead] [nodead] Penance
(And I'd keep the spaces to improve readability in the tiny in-game macro editor. :))

Jynks 04-10-15 12:42 AM

thanks guys!

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