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Montanafox 06-21-16 06:55 PM

Macros for sub Rouge
Hi, i need a help with macros
When no stealth stance - use Backstab
if shadow dance or stealth - then shadow strike

Curent macros is not work:

/cast [shadow dance] shadowstrike; backstab

(work only when shadow dance is active deals shadowstrike)

sirann 06-21-16 08:26 PM

no macro will let you do what you want with legion. shadow strike just needs a separate keybind.

APsycho 07-22-16 09:55 PM

Needing Help With Assie
Ok So When I Load The Gs...i Have A Issue With My Rogue Macros it says that blizzards Removed Id MSBT: Skill Id 16914 and lots of others and there no macros that will load for me at all but..on my DK...and others works just fine just not my mage and rouge

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